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Enrique Morente | Part 2 | A Take Away Show

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Subido por: Rafael Jiménez Claudín. Añadido en: 06 de Enero de 2011.


La Blogothèque wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. So enjoy this bunch of videos unreleased on Youtube !
We will be back in 2011 with many more exciting projects, featuring exciting bands from France, Mexico, Norway, Japan, England, Canada Turkey, Spain and more !
Stay tuned, and enjoy music here and elsewhere.

#5 - Enrique Morente | Part 2 | A Take Away Show

It has been said that the genius people leave this world in the same way they came: without warning and ahead of time. Too early for an artist like Enrique Morente, 67 years old and with more than one thousand songs behind him. He defined himself as an apprentice of 'el cante'. An apprentice of 'el cante' that finally becomes a legend itself. A legend for his whole career as the creator and innovator of a tight genre in the flamenco scene...

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Image and Edit by Vincent Moon
Sound by Pepe Garcia & Clara Saiz
mix by Francois Clos
produced by Temporary Areas & Jose Rodriguez for la Blogotheque